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Kim Minasian Sparks is experienced in all aspects of real estate, comfortable working with first-time home buyers, investors, landlords, and tenants - along with buying and selling, she's Urban Nest's Rental Specialist!

Her ideal adventure for an urban Portland day? Kim is just as busy a mom as she is a Realtor, and her two kids keep her occupied in her spare time - Clayton with soccer, and Izzy playing sax in a jazz band, and performing with the Pacific Youth Choir. Family is very important to Kim, and hers spend time hiking in the Gorge, or exploring Tryon Creek...but not before a delicious brunch at City State, New Deal Cafe, or Gravy (Kim loves the veggie tofu scramble with feta - "lots of potatoes!"). Kim's family loves going to the movie, especially the historic Hollywood, Academy, and Roseway Theaters, but because Kim is so often on the move, she really cherishes home time when she can putter around in the garden, or take the dog for a romp at Normandale Park. When Kim needs to get away and decompress, she'll sometimes jump in the car and head to the coast, solo. Walking along the beach alone clears her head, and she always feels a pull from the ocean.

Her superpower: Kim is über observant. Aesthetics are key, and she's always the first to notice when a friend has a new haircut or piece of jewelry. This skill comes in very handy as a Realtor!

Superpower she wishes she had: Kim wishes she could clone herself, so she could be in two places at the same time. There are never enough hours in the day...

Favorite moment/s in real estate: Recently, Kim was helping a couple who were having a very difficult time finding a home. They'd tried to settle down in several states, but everything had fallen through, and nothing felt 'right'. It had caused them considerable anxiety over a long period of time. One day they were sitting in the kitchen after an inspection, and Kim noticed that her client was incredibly calm. He looked to be "in that perfect moment, in that perfect space." She noted that she'd never seen him look so relaxed, and he responded with, "You're right, I guess I am." Kim told him, "You look like you're where you belong." And after a moment, he replied, "Yeah. This is my home."

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Kim loves the Hollywood district. It's "super urban, but you still have delicious neighborhoods on each side of Sandy that are chock full of Americana", what Kim likes to call, "a neighborhood of front porches". She enjoys the community here, and that there are always people outside being active, from dusk until dawn (especially for 4th of July block parties). Kim loves that it connects so nicely to the Beaumont/Wilshire neighborhood, has everything you could ask for, and that it provides such great food options - from Rose City Food Park, to Kruger's Farm Stand.

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