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Karen started her real estate career in 1992 in Portland’s first woman-owned and operated boutique brokerage Bridgetown Realty, where she learned the ropes and built a thriving repeat and referral-based personal business. During that time she discovered her love of mentoring and training new Realtors. After 15 years balancing both her personal business and training/managing she decided to dial things back and became a sole real estate proprietor which allowed her to work from home and focus on finding a strong life/work balance.  And now, 26 years later, she is thrilled to be back among her peers in an awesome group of dedicated and highly principled Realtors in yet another woman-owned and operated boutique Portland brokerage.  She hopes to be of service in supporting all of them as they continue to build their own thriving careers at Urban Nest.

Her ideal Portland adventure: Karen begins her perfect day by sharing morning coffee and some delicious treat from Grand Central Bakery while she and her partner solve a midweek NY Times crossword (the Sunday crossword is so hard it requires a few days!). Then a walk to inspect the gorgeous gardens and new projects happening in the neighborhood before spending the afternoon working in their yard and the evening cooking dinner for friends, sharing cocktails and stories over a cut-throat game of cards.

Her superpower: Asking the right questions and really hearing the answers. Oh, and scoring the most amazing garage sale treasures.

Superpower she wishes she had: The ability to breath under water so she could explore our oceans, lakes and rivers at will.

Favorite moment/s in real estate: Feeling the energy, the excitement, the vibe that exudes from her clients when they walk into “the one”, the perfect new place to call home. And the sense of peace and relaxation that comes over her sellers when they receive the right offer from the right folks that lets them feel confident about letting their home or property go and move on to their next adventure. Despite the occasional trials and tribulations that may come in buying and selling real estate it really can and should feel “right”. Karen loves helping her clients get that feeling.

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? It was a challenge for Karen to pick just one neighborhood. Each of our beautiful Portland neighborhoods have so much character, unique culture and vibrancy…you just love them all…there is one to fit your every mood and whim. If she had to choose she’d say Beaumont/Wilshire…it’s her neighborhood and she cherishes the eclectic people, shops, delicious eateries and stunning gardens. She’d be lost without Thrive for a simple delicious meal, Amenity Shoes to feed her obsession, Green Dog for all things 4 legged in her home and Garden Fever…well that’s another obsession!

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