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Jessie Burke

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Jessie gets it firsthand. She is a successful business-owner and developer herself. Owner of the best gathering spot in Kenton,  Posies Bakery, and the successful, gorgeous, and game-changing The Society Hotel in Chinatown, Jessie is savvy about gauging an area's potential for development, seeing how businesses mix for neighborhood synergy, understanding policy, finding creative solutions for business and space usage.  With this background, Jessie has a deep understanding of the Portland market and is a fierce advocate for her clients and for our communities. 

Jessie is also well-versed in leadership development, employee management, community economic development, policy advocacy, and business development. She is well-connected in Portland with a strong, positive reputation as a mover and shaker to watch. Her style is calm, clear, comforting, and confident as she guides clients through the hard parts of informed-risk taking and investment opportunities.

We love that Jessie is fearless and tireless — and makes difficult things look easy. Other things that make her extra impressive: she’s is a mother of 3 young kids, an active force in the Kenton and Chinatown/Old Town/Pearl District, and get this: she was on the U.S. National fencing team. Yep. Awesome

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