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Jessie discovered her taste for real estate in 2003 when she bought her first house. Fascinated by negotiations and intrigued by how much a home can appreciate and gain value in Portland, she started closely following the real estate market. She loves keeping her finger on the pulse of what’s happening in the city and gauging how values will increase or decrease in real estate depending on what's happening on a local or global level. Her background is truly diverse; a former member of the US National fencing team, she also has a degree in Elementary Education from Penn State. As the owner of Posies Bakery and Cafe in Kenton, a business partner at Portland's stylish Chinatown Society Hotel, and a mother of three, Jessie has a broad perspective on what’s happening in Portland and how it affects real estate.

Her ideal Portland adventure: Jessie’s perfect day starts with a few moments of quiet before her kids get up. After a big family breakfast (without any complaints from the kids) they head out to Blue Lake or Sauvie Island for a picnic and some swimming. After wearing the kids out, the family heads home for a barbecue with their neighbors. At the end of the day, Jessie spends some time reading to her kids before they go to bed, where they sleep soundly. Then she joins her neighbors on the porch to chat and share a glass of wine.

Her superpower: Thinking up awesome adventures for kids, including some truly epic birthday parties.

Superpower she wishes she had: Jessie wishes she had the ability to care about keeping her house clean and the laundry done.

Favorite moment in real estate: Jessie will never forget finding an investment property for her parents. With her help their lives changed completely. They went from having no retirement to being able to take advantage of a great opportunity, one that will soon allow them to stop working if they should so choose.

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Jessie loves Kenton, and not just because she lives there. The neighbors are a close knit community, and the businesses know and love each other. Every 4th of July her block has a party, one that happens with little planning because everyone on the block has an understanding that on the 4th, they want to hang out with their neighbors, and it’s been happening for 40 years. There are kids everywhere, lots of food, and some fierce badminton battles. It’s experiences like these that carve out a place in Jessie’s heart for the friendly and supportive neighborhood.

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