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Jessica grew up all around construction and remodeling. Her parents bought a fixer when she was four years old and she learned about the guts of a house from that day forward, helping and learning about everything from roofs to crawl spaces and literally assisted in pumping out a septic tank. After purchasing her first home, she couldn’t keep her head out of the market and it was a natural progression to become a Realtor. Everyday she is consistently reminded why she does what she does: people.

Her ideal Portland adventure: Her ideal day is that first super sunny warm spring day when Portlanders get twitterpated and starry-eyed and everyone is just so ridiculously nice to each other because of it. It probably includes a trail run through Forest Park with her Dalmatian mix, Brodie, showing at least one house and a backyard barbecue her husband, Colin and friends.

Her superpower: If you tell her your birthday, she will honestly never forget it. Truth.

Superpower she wishes she had: Precognition – to know the future. There’s not a lot left to the imagination, but wouldn’t it help solve a lot of the world’s problems? A girl can dream…

Favorite moment/s in real estate: That look on her clients’ faces with each and every little victory. A real estate transaction should never be a zero-sum game but each day offers wins for her clients – like the excitement of getting the offer accepted to handing over the keys. She lives for her clients’ pure joy that comes with many transactions.

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? South Tabor. Perfectly centrally located with accessibility to Mt. Tabor too irresistible to pass up. Plenty of the “Old Portland” gems – from Pho to Peruvian joints and lots of dive bar haunts.

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