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Jennifer started in real estate in Portland, after buying her first home in St. Johns.  She became fascinated with the market and learning about different neighborhoods.  For the past few years it has  been a hobby of hers to keep an eye on what’s selling, and finding neat diamonds in the rough all over Oregon. 

Jennifer’s passion is running and she loves working with people from the running community.  She’s an expert when it comes to knowing the best running paths and trails for short or long adventures.  She does her best to help runners and their families settle in neighborhoods with great access to their favorite work-out locations.

Her ideal Portland adventure: Jennifer’s perfect day starts with a latté from Barista on NW 23rd before meeting some friends for a trail run on Wildwood Trail in Forest Park.  Afterward she’ll head to lunch at Pine Street Market with her husband and two girls.  Then they’ll make their way to Powell’s to read books in the amazing children’s room. To satisfy her sweet tooth she’ll swing by Papa Haydn’s for the carrot cake and dream of becoming a baker one day.

Her superpower: Putting on her Supermom suit to keep up with her 18-month-old and 3-month-old babes.

Superpower she wishes she had: Jennifer wishes she had a magic wand that could help families skip the moving process and arrive all unpacked in their new homes. 

Favorite moment/s in real estate: Joining Urban Nest and being a trusted real estate advisor to friends and family.  Jennifer loves digging into each house and neighborhood to help her clients fully understand what a house is worth and how the location will impact their purchase or sale.  

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Her favorite Portland neighborhood is Northwest Portland. It has everything she loves, including Forest Park, great coffee, a playground, library, St. Honoré bakery, beautiful old homes and local shops. You’re right in the city but with all the trees and beautiful gardens it hardly feels urban!

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