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Jacob has always thought of houses as living entities, in that each one brings its own unique charms and traits to the table. Like the inhabitants therein, houses come alive during the day and go to sleep at night. They breathe. They speak. They age. They exhibit distinguishing characteristics. They foster relationships. They’re at their healthiest when given proper love and care.

It’s through this perspective that Jacob was drawn to real estate, which takes you into different homes and through different neighborhoods, all while putting you in touch with various personalities. There’s a sense of perennial exploration and discovery at play, and he adores anything that keeps him engaged and on his toes. Throw in Jacob’s rather quirky personality and fierce aversion to traditional work environments, and his move in-to real estate makes all the more sense.

His perfect Portland day: After a strong cup of coffee and a small breakfast, Jacob is out the door and off on a hike. Later that night, he’s sipping top-shelf whiskey at one of his favorite bars or restaurants.

His Superpower: An insatiable curiosity.

Superpower he wishes he had: Boundless creativity.

Favorite moment/s in real estate: Buying his first house with his wife.

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Very tough call. Jacob loves NE Alberta for its bevy of activity, and Nob Hill for its proximity to Forest Park.

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