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Grant grew up tinkering on trucks and working on home projects on his family's farm in rural Missouri. He learned from a young age that a strong work ethic, a little sweat, and a willingness to be creative are the keys to accomplishing any house project. He brings his passion for creating a home, sharp business sense, and eye for design to his work as a real estate broker at Urban Nest.

In addition to being a Realtor, Grant owns Travelers’ House, a boutique hotel and hostel that was born out of years working as an overseas educator. Grant designed and renovated the 1900s craftsman himself, paying homage to the home’s original style while updating it for the needs of his business. Shortly after Travelers’ House opened, he started the three year restoration of his current house, which is now a hub for his Portland community and shared home of his partner Daniel.

His ideal Portland adventure: Grant’s favorite time of year is fall and his favorite Portland days involve spending quality time with friends, an outdoor adventure or farmers market, and walking around the neighborhoods close to his house (Historic Mississippi, Williams, and Alberta Arts). To finish the day, he enjoys a sunset picnic at Mocks Crest Park in the Overlook Neighborhood.

His superpower: Listening to a question and researching to find an answer - if the answer isn’t right at hand, it isn’t far away. Grant is a dedicated information finder using reliable sources to procure accurate information.

Superpower he wishes he had: Speaking and understanding every language - imagine the places you could go and the cross-cultural connections you could build without a language barrier.

Favorite moment in real estate: Purchasing his first house. It was December, it was cold, and he remembers that he felt alone, but ultimately he knew that all the ingredients were there for a warm and welcoming community to flourish...and now it does!

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