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Holiday Food Drive


Urban Nest is proud to be working with Oregon Food Bank by running a Food Drive, and we encourage our friends and neighbors to join us in helping relieve the pressure this holiday season. A staggering number of people go hungry every day in Oregon, and those who will benefit from your donations include children, veterans, families, the elderly, and many others from all walks of life who have hit hard times and are struggling to make ends meet. Recent cuts in benefits will affect the304,000 kids and the 159,000 elderly and disabledwho rely on this service to get by, and with 1 in 5 people dependent on food stamps in Oregon, it makes us one of the hardest hit states.
This is where we can help. 

What a great opportunity to go through your pantry and find happy homes for items you may no longer want or need. A collection barrel will be located at each of our office locations - 233 NE 28th Ave., and 3041 N. Williams Ave. - and you can stop by for a visit and donate your non-perishable items any time from 9-5 on a weekday. The collection will run Monday, Nov 25th through to Friday, Dec 20th, when we’ll be dropping everything off at Oregon Food Bank. Items in high demand include, but are not limited to, canned fish, fruit, and beans, peanut butter and other breakfast spreads, boxed meals, pasta, rice, cereals, shelf-stable milk products, oils, and juice. Please be sure that donations are non-perishable, unopened, and within their expiration dates! You can find out more information about most wanted food items and the Food Drive at oregonfoodbank.org.

…And Urban Nest will also host a Cookies, Cocoa & Cider event at our N. Williams office on Sunday, December 15th, 1-4 p.m. Bring your drop-off items for our Food Drive, and enjoy some delicious homemade cookies, hot cider, and cocoa while you’re here! We think it’s another great way for us to show our appreciation of your friendship, and to connect with our neighbors while promoting an excellent cause. Urban Nest proprietors Holly & Rachel (plus other staff members) will be on site to dunk some cookies and talk community, two of our very favorite things! Please join us, tell your friends, bring your brownie box mixes, and let’s make a real difference in the lives of our Oregon neighbors.