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Real estate runs in Eli’s blood. His great grandfather, a Scandinavian immigrant, built mixed-use buildings in the 1920’s, and his grandfather built office buildings and industrial incubators in Seattle. His father spent 20 years as a principal broker, and his mother is a small-scale developer in Brownsville, Oregon, where he grew up. As a boy, his family bought, renovated, rented and sold homes. His sister, Amanda Haworth of Living Room realty, is a talented, top-producing residential broker. He has had a lifetime of observing the world through a real estate/urban design lens.

Eli’s goal is to find the right fit for his clients, whether it’s a sound long-term investment, a good place to operate, or an interesting project to undertake. He knows different segments of the market well: industrial, commercial, and multi-family, in addition to understanding residential trends and commercial trends interact. He is a 7-year veteran in the development industry and has worked as a development manager for a small, sustainable, mixed-use developer; a large developer, and an architect firm. With this background, he understands buildings, what different kinds of businesses need in a building, zoning, city development infrastructure, real estate markets and economics, and he brings this all to bear on his consultancy. 

The things he especially enjoys: design challenges, overcoming planning and zoning issues, and finding ways to make buildings and locations work that other people overlook — finding diamonds in the rough. He has great community connections and can often find things that aren’t actively being marketed. Eli’s clients feel like he opened doors they didn’t know even existed. He doesn’t do “sales.” Instead, he does education and creative problem-solving to guide clients toward decisions in their own best interests. 

What we love about Eli is that he’s in the biz for the right reasons: to help the local community thrive. He is a Portland-obsessed, do-gooder, with a load of practical skills! He is our visionary, our daring, big-dreamer-team-leader. When jokingly asked what his real estate spirit animal would be, he said a stag, “a powerful presence in the forest that people recognize and respect without feeling threatened.” That about sums him up!

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