Daniel Blachowski

Daniel Blachowski

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Daniel comes to the commercial business by way of his deep love of the city of Portland and his desire to make a positive impact. He loves connecting people to people, small businesses to the right spaces, finding good people the right investment property, and ultimately being a conduit for enhancing and invigorating communities, bringing success and wealth to individuals and to the communities they inhabit. 

We love that Daniel is an amazing listener and all-around really (really) nice guy who cares deeply about his clients. We once heard him say, “Life’s a party, and everyone’s waiting to get invited.” Daniel is the kind of person who invites everyone to the party. He builds his relationships with his clients on warmth and kindness and builds professional trust with his skill, commitment to his client’s best interest, and strong client advocacy in negotiations. He loves to keep things running smoothly, but he’s got gumption and grit, for traction, to dig in, and change direction when needed.

We are impressed with his ability to fearlessly go into a situation and talk to new people on the spot. He is persistent, hard-working, and relishes the detective work that it takes to dig up information about properties to locate just the right space. Perhaps this comes from his father who was a homicide detective! Ask him about it!

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