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Daniel Blachowski



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Daniel Blachowski has a strong history of transactions, cutting his industry teeth working with a high-volume Agent. While a people pleaser with a strong empathetic nature, Daniel also loves to negotiate, and he's not afraid to be aggressive when pursuing his clients' interests. He enjoys building powerful connections with his clients, and excels in listening to their needs. Daniel has experience with first time home Buyers and Investors, but in particular, out of town Buyers. He has a strong background in art and design, which helps him visualize the potential in houses that others might miss. Detail oriented and tenacious in finding that 'just right' home, Daniel is a unique combination of artist and Agent.

His ideal adventure for an urban Portland day:  The day would start with brunch at his family's favorite local haunt, The Hop & Vine, or maybe some great coffee at Blend. Daniel is outdoorsy, and enjoys getting out into nature - biking, camping, or kayaking in Columbia Slough - but he feels equally at home in the kitchen, cooking or baking bread. Daniel is a self-described sci-fi geek, and lives in a vibrant, artistic household - his wife, Char, is a member of the Ukeladies, so he's often surrounded by music and creativity.

His superpower: Daniel has the ability to get along with just about everyone. He describes it as "switching lenses", and it allows him to view each client differently, adapting to each individual personality to best represent their needs.

Superpower he wishes he had: Flight, teleportation, super strength, invisibility, speed, telepathy, X-ray vision - basically, all of them!

Favorite moment/s in real estate:  After showing many houses, Daniel loves the moment when his client's face lights up as they realize this is The One. A smile, brightness of expression...or even tears. Daniel is always invested in the outcome of the sale or purchase, and he loves developing that intimate connection with his clients.

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Daniel is partial to the Overlook/Arbor Lodge neighborhood, with its proximity to the Bluff and Willamette Blvd. The area feels almost suburban, but is so close in, and has great views of the West Hills and Willamette river. It's a great community, and perfect for cycling and dog walking.

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