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Carolyn bought her first house, a 1970s pre-fab split-level duplex, in Jackson, WY in 1994.  Many a home improvement project ensued, in which she developed skills that she used on her second house -- a major fixer upper with a non-functioning sunken redwood hot tub and a kitchen with no drawers...really!  Around 2008 (and 16 years of shoveling snow), Carolyn relocated to Portland and fell in love with everything about the Rose City, including its houses.  She draws upon her own experience to help clients envision what they can do to turn a dated and broken-down house into a beautiful and valuable home.

Her ideal Portland adventure: Starts with her feeding the cats and dog and making herself a latte while the house is still quiet.  When her teen daughters are up, they make a Dutch Baby from The Joy of Cooking, then head over to an estate sale with Carolyn’s mom (who lives in an ADU in her backyard).  There’s an afternoon Timbers Game where she cheers in the Army; she then gets her guitar out and has friends over to make some music.  The day ends with a burger at Yakuza and live music at the Alberta Street Pub while enjoying some local craft beer or cider.

Her Superpower: Optimism and the ability to see potential.

Superpower she wishes she had: Carolyn wishes she had a time-turner. She’d love to go back in time, adding extra hours to her day so she could get everything done and have plenty of time for a nap in her hammock too!

Favorite moment/s in real estate: As a former librarian, Carolyn loves the research that goes in to finding the perfect place to live and the perfect house, and all the details involved in creating a smooth transaction for her clients.  She also enjoys the surprise of a house which, from the front, looks small and plain only to find the interior offers a big WOW factor.

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Her neighborhood since 2009, Concordia.  She loves the mature trees, the proximity to the shops and restaurants on Alberta, Killingsworth and Dekum, Fernhill and Alberta Park, catching a movie or live music or just enjoying the art at Kennedy School, going for a soak and sauna at Common Ground Wellness Center, public transit access, and that it’s just 15 minutes to the Airport and IKEA.  

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