Anna Eggerts

Anna Eggerts

Real Estate BROKER | Eggerts Realty Team


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Anna was licensed in early 2016 after watching her husband Steve work in the business. He made it look so easy and fun! She realized after she started working that he made it look easy because he had been doing it for over 20 years…but the fun was legit!

Her ideal Portland day: Those first warm days of spring after a long, grey winter. The first flowers are starting to bud and everyone is giddy and full of energy after being cooped up for months. Anna loves the socks with sandals and shorts worn when it is still legitimately too cold for shorts and sandals. Everyone is smiling and friendly and it feels like we all survived another one…together!

Her Superpower: Ana’s super power is how she listens. The thread that connects her previous careers as a graphic designer, a psychiatric nurse practitioner and now realtor is her ability to listen deeply and hear her clients. One of her favorite quotes is, “the first duty of love is to listen.“ - Paul Tillich 

Superpower she wishes she had: The ability to transport any place, although she would settle for Star Trek type transporter technology. With this, Anna could visit her daughter in Brooklyn whenever she wanted, or spend a few hours in Greece when she gets sick of the cold, grey weather, or transport to Singapore for the best food on the planet.

Favorite moments in real estate: After having several different and varied careers, the best part of real estate is waking up every morning excited to go to work. Anna used to think that was just something people said, but now she actually feels that way. She loves the ability to be of service, problem solve and be creative all in one profession.

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why?
Top 5 reasons Anna loves Mt. Tabor/Montavilla:

  1. Easy to get just about anywhere from here.

  2. You can see the sun rise over Mt. Hood and the sun set over downtown.

  3. Hasn’t gotten too trendy – no one takes themselves too seriously.

  4. Walk to Academy Theater & The Observatory

  5. Walking/Hiking in Mt. Tabor Park

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