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Andy has been obsessed with houses and interior design since he was a toddler. He grew up on HGTV and developed a keen eye for home style and decor. At 14, his parents enlisted him to serve as their interior designer. He pulled off wallpaper, chose new paint colors, picked out furniture and arranged everything himself. At 19, when his parents were on the hunt for their next home, it was Andy who found it first. It was only a matter of time before he turned these passions into a career in real estate and landed at Urban Nest.

Andy has been involved in all aspects of real estate from helping buyers locate new homes to assisting them through the inspection and closing process. He has also worked with sellers to get their places prepped for market and seen those deals through to conclusion. Andy has special expertise working with clients who opt to use home renovation loans, a special financing tool that allows buyers to purchase houses in need of major repairs that are covered by the loan amount. It's a complicated deal to pull off and one that needs an experienced Realtor like Andy at the helm.

Andy's  ideal Portland adventure: His perfect day starts with a mug of coffee and a good snuggle with his ragdoll cat, Cavanaugh. Then he’s out to shop on Hawthorne, checking in at Lounge Lizard, Tender Loving Empire, and Powell’s. Up next: a few hours of reading or catching up with friends in the shade at Mt Tabor before heading over to the west side for Portland’s best latte at Sunny Day Coffee. It's then on to dinner with friends and a big glass of Zinfandel to round out the day. 

His superpower: Besides the ability to make friends with any cat he meets, Andy has the power to walk into a space and imagine what it could be - ugly wallpaper and bad flooring is a challenge, not a deal killer. It’s a talent that allows him to share the potential of a home with his clients.

Superpower he wishes he had: Let’s just say he’s still waiting for his Hogwarts acceptance letter to arrive.

Favorite moment/s in real estate: Andy loves walking into a house for the first time. It’s always an adventure, and you never know what awaits you inside. 

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? It’s a difficult choice, but if pressed Andy would pick Irvington. He could easily spend hours walking around the neighborhood, looking at all the old historic homes and admiring the architecture. Having lived in two registered historic homes himself, he appreciates all the quirks and character of older houses, and the stories behind them.

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