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Alex brings clear and honest communication to every real estate transaction and strives to make his clients feel cared for, supported, and informed. Whether he’s dealing with a leaking underground oil tank or a frenzied bidding war, Alex has the tools and experience to calmly and confidently negotiate the most challenging deals. He understands that homes are more than expensive objects that are bought and sold. Homes are where we make memories and build our lives.

Alex bought his first Portland home in 2002, a neglected 1909 farmhouse that he treated to a loving restoration. Over the years, he learned to repair hardwood floors, tile a bathroom, install wainscoting, demo what he couldn’t salvage, and many other skills he never before thought he'd need. In return, the farmhouse gathered family and friends, hosted impromptu concerts for the neighbors, said goodbye to a one of a kind dog, grew the best tree on the street, and became the home to his sweetheart and then wife. It has been at the center of his life. Owning this farmhouse gave Alex an appreciation for houses, and taught him the importance of home. Alex believes it’s important to give back to the community that supports him, and finds true joy in helping his clients through these life-changing transactions. He would love to work with you.

His ideal Portland adventure: Alex would start his ideal Portland day at Seastar Bakery fueling up on a Zena Cake before driving out to the Gorge for a morning hike. He’d indulge his wife and little dog, Emmy Lou, in a mushroom hunt—even though he doesn’t care for them himself. On the way back into town, he’d stop at Mississippi Records to see if any new compilations hit the shelves, and maybe grab a special slice from Scottie’s Pizza on the way home. If it’s a good day, the Blazers are playing, and if it’s a great day, they’re beating the Clippers – Alex is a longtime season ticket holder. He would end the day by playing music in the backyard with friends until the neighbors and chickens start squawking. 

His superpower: Patience: For many years, Alex ran a non-profit arts organization teaching children in Portland’s low-income and refugee communities. It was here that he discovered this hidden power. Alex keeps a cool head even in the most stressful situations, and his clients love the sense of calm he brings to every transaction.

Superpower he wishes he had: The ability to multiply like a wet gremlin. It would be amazing to be able to be in twelve places at once.

Favorite moment/s in real estate: As a pizza lover and member of the Portland Pizza Club, Alex was thrilled when he got to use his creative negotiating skills to write a “pizza clause” into a real estate contract. In the midst of a fierce bidding war he gave his clients (who own one of Portland’s finest pizza establishments) a unique edge by offering the sellers free pizza for a year. Who could say no to that?

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Alex is fascinated by the rich history of Portland’s eastside neighborhoods. In the late 1800s it was popular to name Portland land tracts after Sir Walter Scott’s novels; that’s why we have Woodstock, Ivanhoe, Kenilworth, and Waverley. And the families of WWII shipbuilders still live in the cute bungalows that line the bluffs in University Park, a charming fact Alex likes to share when showing houses there. Additionally, Peninsula Park was once the home of a roadhouse and racetrack called “Liverpool Liz’s,” something he discovered when talking to residents in Portsmouth. Alex possesses an overall passion for all things Portland and enjoys sharing his discoveries.

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