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As soon as she could walk Adrienne began accompanying her father to open houses in the beautiful model homes he built and sold in Salem, Oregon. She still thinks there is no better smell than a house when it is finally framed. She has a decade of experience in property management and over 25 years in the theatre as a performer and producer of new plays. There she developed her fierce tenacity for problem solving and her skills as an advocate for diverse voices.

Her perfect Portland day: A late morning brunch made with eggs from her chickens and seasonal surprises from a local farmers market followed by all day in the garden getting grubby in the dirt and tending her bees. Then a quick transformation from farmer to fabulous as she prepares for an evening performance. Whether it is improvisation, Shakespeare or a new play by a local playwright, Adrienne is a dedicated, award winning actress. She loves drinks and late dinner out after the show and is always exploring new restaurants. If there were 4 more hours in the day she would be happy to go home to a fire in the fireplace reading and playing cribbage with her hubby and the dogs. Bonus points if you can hear the rain at night.

Her superpower: She can take any ingredients and transform them into something delicious. She loves to cook and views making food for others like making them a present.

Superpower she wishes she had: She wishes she could stop time.  Not just to get a nap in her busy schedule but also to give everyone a chance to pause, look around and see the beauty all around us. And in each other.  But yes, a nap would be nice too.

Favorite moment/s in real estate: Many of Adrienne’s clients come from the creative community and often they are surprised to find home ownership is an option. She spends lot of extra time connecting them with resources and advocating on their behalf. The moment they get the keys and open their door for the first time it feels like a dream. Happy tears all around. It is her favorite moment! 

She remembers how hard her agent worked for her in 2005 and the moment she opened her own door.  Home ownership was transformational for Adrienne and she is dedicated to making that happen for others.  Now she also owns rental property and is helping her community realize those benefits as well.

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? After moving from a rural community at age 10 Adrienne lived on Portland's West Side but come high school she attended Jefferson’s award winning performing arts program in North Portland.  After years in NYC Adrienne was clear when she returned to the NW that she wanted to live in North Portland.  The diversity, community and access to cultural activities and parks was important to her.  North Portland has a unique history and important stories to tell. She recommends contacting the nonprofits Know Your City, Place Matters Oregon and attending the Hidden History of Albina Walking Tour for more exploration.

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