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Ray brings myriad experience from many creative realms to his role as a Broker. A Renaissance Man that has donned the hat of Baker, Landscape Designer, Tattoo Artist, and more (ask him about the time he was Lead Singer in a rock band...), Ray has worked with people from many walks of life and has creative ideas and solutions to spare.  Several of his endeavors have been centered around home and family, so it's no surprise he made his way to Real Estate, where he enjoys helping people through the stress and challenges that arise with the biggest purchase that many people will make in their lifetime - never mind the personal nature of "home". His clients appreciate his calm demeanor, which helps them remain (or regain) calm throughout the exciting process of buying or selling their home. They also appreciate the helpful advice he offers, from interior design ideas to the ability to envision the full bloom of a garden in the dead of winter. And since Ray relates so easily to others, he quickly becomes a trusted friend and advisor to his clients. 

His ideal Portland adventure: Would without a doubt start with a walk with his beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback, Ruva. They might amble over to Jim and Patty's for a coffee, a prelude to a tasty breakfast at his current favorite, Harlow (so good, and he's not even vegan or gluten-free!). Then some time tending to his garden - he's a lover and collector of plants and enjoys nurturing them and watching the magic as they mature. A little fun and relaxation in the form of stand-up paddleboarding on the Columbia, followed by a dinner of the best sushi in town at Daruma. An evening walk along the Esplanade, dessert at Pix, and finally a night cap at Noble Rot to take in the view is the perfect end to this ideal day. 

His superpower: Ray can relate to and get along with anyone. ANYone.

Superpower he wishes he had: Flying would be cool; to go where the birds go.

Favorite moment/s in real estate: Ray recently connected with a client that had no idea she would qualify for a loan, but with Ray's help she got her approval and was under contract on a house only three days later! 

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Ray loves the Beaumont-Wilshire neighborhood for its cool mix of people and lack of pretension. And being that Ray is quite the foodie, he also appreciates the neighborhood's great culinary offerings, from the likes of Pip's and Bang Bang...

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