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Munir believes that being Realtor is about much more than houses. It’s about the people. She has built her business by creating meaningful and lasting relationships. Establishing a genuine connection with her clients enables her to truly listen to them and foster trust and respect. This deep understanding allows her to be a better advocate for her clients and to find creative solutions to any problems that might arise. From the initial meeting all the way to closing day, she stands by her clients and acts as friend, advisor, negotiator, and cheerleader. For Munir, her client’s happiness is her success.

Her ideal Portland adventure: Munir would start off with a trip to Crema to enjoy a cup of coffee and their delicious Almond Petite. From there, she would stroll up to Laurelhurst Park to enjoy a walk with her family, meandering through the winding paths and around the lake, followed by a little alone time getting lost in the endless shelves of Powell's City of Books for her next great read. Then it would be straight home to curl up with her lovely new book and good cup of tea, from Tea Bar, of course.

Her superpower: Her patience and ability to stay calm under pressure. A true superpower in a red, hot Real Estate market!

Superpower she wishes she had: Munir wishes she had the ability to read minds. That way she would know what truly motivates a Seller - be it money, passing on their home to someone who will love it as much as they do, or flexibility - and meet their needs with the Best Offer.

Favorite moment/s in real estate:  Munir loves walking through the door of a house that appears to be small and rather boring from the outside, to discover an absolute gem inside - light, bright, spacious, and charming. It's like walking through a magic gateway!

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Hers! Munir favors the North Tabor neighborhood, which she calls home. She loves the mix of beautiful natural settings, alongside great restaurants and bars, with lots of options for fun. Tabor Tavern is a favorite, and the fact that it's right across the street doesn't hurt either.

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