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Getting Around the Portsmouth Neighborhood in North Portland


Getting to Know North Portlands Portsmouth Neighborhood

Located on North Portland's peninsula, Portsmouth is a small, single square mile neighborhood that often goes unnoticed. The sleepy neighborhood is bordered by the railroad cut to the west, Chautauqua on the east, and it’s sandwiched between Columbia to the north and Lombard to the south.

While most homebuyers don’t list Portsmouth at the top of their Portland neighborhood wish list (likely because they haven’t heard of this sweet little ‘hood), we can think of a few reasons why this North Portland neighborhood should rank high on your list.

Don’t just take our word for it; here’s a guide to getting around North Portland’s Portsmouth neighborhood.

Transportation in the Portsmouth Neighborhood of PDX

Though it’s far north of the city center, Portsmouth shuttles its residents to and from downtown quite easily via access to Trimet’s line 35. If you work in Portland’s industrial area, Portsmouth is ideally situated for commuters who work along North Columbia Boulevard. Prefer to go by bike? Established bike lines run throughout North Portland to connect bikers to all of Portland’s main neighborhoods.

Active Living in Portland’s Portsmouth Area

One of the best parts about living in North Portland’s Portsmouth neighborhood is the wealth of green space. Though small, the neighborhood boasts access to a wide variety of outdoor parks and recreational sites that encourage residents to enjoy healthy, active lifestyles.

The neighborhood’s largest park, Columbia Park, is “nestled under a canopy of tall fir trees and offers baseball diamonds, picnic tables, tennis courts, and an indoor swimming pool.” The park even includes access to a Park Annex across Lombard Street. Other area parks include: Portsmouth Community Garden, Farragut Park, and Portsmouth Park.

Where to Eat and Drink in the Portsmouth Neighborhood

While southeast Portland may be revered as the city’s kitchen, North Portland isn’t without its spoils. Portsmouth residents still enjoy proximity to the popular Portland grocery chain, New Seasons Market, and they have their pick from a variety of hip restaurants. Local favorites like East Side Delicatessen, Cha Cha Cha, and Flying Pie Pizzeria have locations in Portsmouth too.

The neighborhood’s favorite local joint? The Twilight Room is a long-standing watering hole for locals who enjoy a game of pool and a serious Bloody Mary bar. And if you’re up for a quick drive, Portsmouth residents are mere minutes away from a variety of eateries and bars in St. Johns, Kenton, and the University Park neighborhoods.

Community Resources in Portland’s Portsmouth Neighborhood

Portsmouth may be small, but its community resources are mighty. For extra-curricular learning, stop by Multnomah County Library’s North Portland outpost. Or, for a little DIY education, take advantage of the North Portland Tool Library. Portsmouth residents are encouraged to use the free North Portland Tool Library to “rent” a wide variety of tools to maintain and improve their homes.

Other community resources in Portsmouth include a wealth of religious centers, neighborhood schools, and an active neighborhood association that works together to improve the health and safety of Portsmouth residents.

Between the opportunities for education and the food and drink options, Portsmouth is an ideal location for Portlanders who are searching to enjoy the city’s DIY and foodie cultures — without breaking the bank. Think you could see yourself at home in Portsmouth? Check out our home listings for this North Portland neighborhood today!