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DIY Giveaways for PDX Open Houses: How to Stand Out During Buying Season


Wow Your Potential Buyers With DIY Giveaways for PDX Open Houses

With the arrival of summer, the number of homes listed on the market is expected to swell. As “For Sale” signs start to fill Portland’s streets, it’s time to get creative with how you host your open house.

Help your house stand out during buying season this year by going beyond the quick tidy-up and plates-of-cookies tricks. Instead, take time to create DIY giveaways for your prospective buyers. Need a little inspiration? Here are our favorite DIY giveaways for buying season.

Create a DIY Welcome Sign

Forget conventional “for sale” and “open house” signage; instead, create an eye-catching welcome sign that reflects your home’s true character. An easy-to-create DIY idea: purchase a simple sheet of wood from your local hardware store and paint it with chalkboard paint. Using lettering of your choice, mark up a compelling welcome sign that helps potential buyers envision putting their own personal touch in the space.

DIY Bottle Openers

Next to your custom welcome sign, offer something of value. While many open houses will rely on business cards or listing flyers as parting gifts, here’s where you can stand out with a DIY giveaway.

In Portland, a thriving beer mecca, why not provide your visitors with a DIY bottle opener? With a few tools, you can follow this tutorial to make a bottle opener that will adorn your prospective buyer’s home. Or, craft a key ring-friendly bottle opener — an opener that will soon share a ring with your home’s key!

DIY Magnets

Practical gifts have much better odds of hanging around for a longer period of time, so why not hand out household items, like a magnet, at your open house? DIY magnets are easy and affordable to make in large batches, making them a practical open house favor. Need inspiration? Check out these DIY magnet ideas: making personalized magnets.

DIY Neighborhood Guides

One of the most useful parting gifts you could give an open house attendee is a neighborhood guide. Fun information to include: favorite grocery stores, hip eateries, best places to drinks, trendy shops, or school information. By making a cute pocket-sized reference book, you’re already helping convince buyers that your neighborhood is the place to be!


Succulent Open House Favors

When you’re searching for a new home, you’re planning for a new beginning. So why not encourage your potential buyers to start their new journey with a symbol of new growth — a succulent favor!

This tutorial shows different ways to fashion an open house giveaway. As the plants last for up to 2 weeks before they need care, and much longer with property love and attention, a succulent giveaway is sure to remind open house visitors of the growth-potential at your home.

Personalized Candy Packets

It might be old fashioned, but who doesn’t love custom M&Ms?! Whether your get the address number, your phone number, or a home icon stamped directly on your candies, or you add a informational card inside the packet of candy, this is a great way to connect with visitors who have a sweet tooth.

[image via: Row House Nest]