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Getting Around the Woodstock Neighborhood in SE Portland


Why We Love Portland’s Woodstock Neighborhood, and You Should Too

If you asked a Portlander about the southeast Woodstock neighborhood ten years ago, you might be met with a “huh?” as this neighborhood has remained a Portland secret for many years. Recently, however, more and more people are discovering the untapped potential of Portland’s Woodstock neighborhood.

Today, the area maintains its slower, family-friendly pace, but new additions to the area — and it’s ideal southeast location — have helped the neighborhood skyrocket in terms of popularity.

As more and more Portland staples (New Seasons, choice coffee roasters, bike lanes, etc.) appear in the Woodstock neighborhood, we’re waiting to watch area home prices match other southeast locations with similar amenities. But for now, the area remains somewhat affordable, especially for young families and couples.

Eager to start searching for a home in Portland’s SE Woodstock neighborhood? Here’s a guide to getting around Woodstock.

Commuting From Portland’s Woodstock Neighborhood

Aside from size and cost, one of the highest priorities when searching for a new home is often the property’s location. For many people, this entails proximity to grocery stores, to good schools, low crime ratings and, of course, commute time. Fortunately, getting around Woodstock PDX is a breeze.

If you commute downtown for work, the 19 bus line, as well as a hop over from the 20, 4, or 9 to line 75 will pick you up from your Woodstock home and drop you in the center of downtown near Pioneer Square.

And if you’re commuting outside of the city center for work, the Woodstock neighborhood is ideally located for you to hop on the 99 East to reach workplaces in Milwaukie or Clackamas.

Bikers and walkers still wondering how things look for them? In Woodstock, there are safe paths for you too! With a range of transportation options and its proximity to the 99 East, Woodstock is the perfect launching point for commuters across the city.

Where to Eat and Drink in Portland’s Woodstock Neighborhood

While you won’t see a density of Woodstock-located restaurants on Eater’s hot maps, don’t let that fool you into thinking that there are few culinary options for foodies.

As far as food is concerned, locals have their secrets that they aren’t quite ready to share with the city, but here are a few Woodstock spots we’ve learned about: Otto’s — this old-school sausage joint has an outdoor barbecue that has been serving up quality German sausage since 1929. With almost 90 years of service to the Woodstock neighborhood, you better believe this is a neighborhood hot spot!

Other favorites include Nudi (a family-friendly noodle restaurant), Toast (a bustling New American brunch cafe), Laughing Planet Café (perfect for families and vegetarians, alike), and Ate-Oh-Ate Grill (a nap-inducing, but oh so delicious, Hawaiian joint).

And for drinks, there are options to suit every taste. If you’re searching for dinner spot to enjoy drinks and bring the family, visit Double Mountain Taproom. If you’re looking for a dive bar with your classic bar games, check out the Lutz Tavern. And if you just want a cup of coffee, visit Heart, the local roastery’s Woodstock location has the same downtown flavors, without the Instagram-obsessed crowd.


Exploring Nature in Portland’s Woodstock Neighborhood

Unlike other residential southeast neighborhoods, Woodstock has retained a nature-heavy feel — a likely draw for families and pet owners! After you’ve enjoyed a leisurely brunch at Toast, spend your Saturday exploring nature in the Woodstock neighborhood with a trip to Woodstock Park. Here you’ll find ample space for play, with kids playground equipment, horseshoe pits, picnic areas, a dog park, and sports facilities at the ready.

And if you’re willing to trek a little further, you can explore the nearby beauty of Portland’s Westmoreland Nature Park Playground. Known for its pond, this lush strip of greenery is filled with walking paths, a play area, and multiple sport fields.

As one of the few remaining residential alcoves in Portland, Woodstock’s affordability won’t last long. Between the easy commute and the access to nature, this is a neighborhood you’ll want to be a part of. So start searching through our Woodstock listings today.

[image via: Portland Oregon Parks & Rec]