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Furniture Restoration Guide: Where to Go in Portland to Get a Furniture Facelift


A Guide to the Best Furniture Repair and Restoration Shops in Portland

Maybe it’s a childhood couch that’s seen better days, or else it’s an old family heirloom that’s spent too many years in an attic. Regardless, we all have those classic pieces of furniture that need a little TLC. Whether it’s a stellar find you picked up from an irresistible Craigslist deal, or it’s a beloved family item, pieces of furniture often have years of life left in them — that is, if they’re taken to see the right furniture doctor.

As you fill your home with pieces of furniture that you love, we’re here to help you make sure those cherished items are there to stay for years to come by sharing our favorite furniture restoration spots in Portland. Whether you need wood refinishing or antique restoration services, here’s where to go to preserve your favorite household items.

Cheap Upholstery Recovering in Portland

It might be an old camper cushion or a beloved family couch, but when it comes to upholstery repair in Portland, we highly recommend Alamo Custom Upholstery. The prices are reasonable and fair, but we love this shop for its small business charm.

Located in a craftsman home in NE Portland, this shop treats each customer like an old friend. Visitors have praised the shop, claiming, “We’ve had them finish an antique heirloom rocker that was started about 60 years ago. [They] also saved some nice old furniture that we thought may not be worth fixing. Beautifully done.”

Top Spots for Wood Refinishing

Northeast Portland continues to build a strong reputation as the best area to take your facelift-ready furniture. If you’re in the market for wood refinishing, it doesn’t get better than Aladdin Finishers. Located on Alberta’s main stretch of shops, Aladdin Finishers is known for its tradition of beautifully refinished wood.

Josh C., a patron of Aladdin Finishers, shares that the shop repaired a wood table “and cut the quoted price in half! [The shop] had it done fast with days to spare and it looks great and held without issue.” Prompt and budget-friendly; what’s not to love?


Where To Go for Appliance Work in Portland

While there isn’t a shortage of appliance repair shops in Portland, our trust lies with our favorite Old Portland appliance repair shop: The Service Center. As a family business that’s gained the trust of local customers over past decades, The Service Center is the best place to turn for appliance repair. The owners Judy and Jay and their staff are quick, efficient, and knowledgeable — and every job is a job well done.


Trusted Antique Restoration Shops

Antiques often hold the most sentimental value, so where you go to have your antiques repairs matters a lot. Fortunately, Portland has a great antique repair shop that we trust and recommend: Colby Ralph & Son Furniture Refinishing & Repair.

Known for their expertise in antiques and fine furnishings, the establishment is a three-man shop — a family committed to making sure your family heirlooms stay as bright as the memories attached to them.

Where have you had some of your favorite pieces repaired in Portland? Share your favorite furniture facelift stories with us – we’d love to learn more!