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Urban Nest Design Tip of the Week: Pet Hair Solutions for Wool Rugs

Easily Remove Pet Hair From Wool Rugs With One Simple Tool

In this series, we share simple DIY solutions for maximum design impact, brought to you by our very own Agent Andy Barlow.

I want to talk about flat-woven wool rugs this week. I love flat-woven and Kilim rugs, and they are a really popular choice in design right now. However, for those who own one and have pets, you may have noticed just how much they seem to act as a magnet to pet hair. Well, worry no more because I have the solution! 

Meet the Cotton Picker: Strings Attached mitten. My mom actually gifted me one of these a while back and I had no clue why, or what to do with it. But then, after purchasing a flat-woven wool rug and getting frustrated by how quickly all the cat hair was sticking to it, and how unsuccessful vacuuming or lint-rolling was working, I decided to try out mom’s gift. 

My first reaction: HOLY SMOKES! My rug was looking brand new again! All you have to do is put on the mitten and rub it over the rug in circular motions and it literally grabs all the hair like magic. This little mitten is a game-changer when it comes to owning a Kilim rug - gets it looking brand new and causes no damage! And the best part, they are only about $5 and last for about a year. They also work well on other fabricated furniture, so pet hair be gone! Thanks mom! 

Check out the before and after photos below. 





Design tip bonus: This rug is the Pradeep Flatweave Wool Rug from World Market. This is a beautiful rug, and isn’t outrageously expensive. My favorite is the runner (sized 2.5’ x 10’), perfect for a hallway, and costs just $169. 

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