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Urban Nest Design Tip of the Week: The Gallery Wall

The Surprisingly Simple Gallery Wall Look

In this series, we share simple DIY solutions for maximum design impact, brought to you by our very own Agent Andy Barlow.

Have you been wanting to create a gallery wall in your home but feel unsure how to do it? Here are some helpful hints: Look for pieces of different sizes, shapes, and depths, but don’t worry too much about sticking to a theme - just find pieces that speak to you. To save money: check out local thrift stores, garage sales, and Goodwill (if you take the time to dig you can find some amazing framed paintings for less than $10!). Having trouble finding smaller pieces? Use postcards - you can tack them up with a simple wooden tack or decorative pin, or frame them to give them some extra pizazz. 

When it comes to the arrangement, I suggest starting with the biggest piece and building off that, but this piece does not have to be centered. Arrange the other pieces next, keeping anywhere from 1-4 inches between each piece depending on how big the wall is and how many pieces you have. There is no real wrong way to do this, but try to keep things balanced from one side to the other. If it helps, lay them all out on the floor first, or get some sheets of poster paper and cut the sheets into the same size as the art pieces. You can then tape the paper up on the wall to see what arrangement you like without creating any extra holes.

And if you don’t believe me that you can do this on a budget, here is proof! This wall cost less than $55! 

Urban Nest's Design Tip of the Week is written by our own Agent Andy Barlow. He divides his time between real estate and interior design, meaning that he can help you buy a house and decorate it too. Ready to take the leap into a more comfortable space for you and your family? Get in touch with Andy here