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Moving to Portland? Make Sure You Read This First

When You’re Getting Ready to Move to PDX…

Ahhh, Portland, Oregon. It’s an outdoors lover’s paradise. It’s where the rebirth of America’s artisan movement began. It’s where farmers markets outnumber fast-food joints. In truth, there are dozens of reasons why so many people are moving to Portland, and if you’re reading this, then you must be interested in it, too.

So, if you’re thinking about relocating to beautiful Portland, Oregon, then here are some of the things you’re going to want to know before you get here.

If You Like Food Trucks, You’re Going to Love Portland

In Portland, food trucks are legitimate. These aren’t your usual hot dog stands. Portland’s food trucks serve up expertly prepared cuisine of the caliber that any fine dining restaurant would love to have on its menu. And, the selection is extensive, so there’s always something new to try for lunch.

Portland’s Dress Code Is Casual

Portlanders like being comfortable. Whether they’re at work, at the opera, or at home, the dress code is always casual. Plus, tattoos and piercings are A-OK here. In fact, those without them are the ones who tend to get the funny looks.

You Don’t Pump Your Own Gas

Unless you’re moving to Portland from New Jersey, you might be surprised to learn that you have to stay in your car when you’re getting gas. Oregon is one of the states that has laws stating only gas station attendants are allowed to pump gas. This might seem weird at first, but don’t worry, you’ll get used to it.

Portland Loves the Arts

Portland is a city that loves art, books, music, and culture of all kinds. If you love to read, few cities are as appealing, especially because Portland is home to the famous Powell’s bookstore, the self-described “City of Books.” And, the music scene in Portland is second to none.

Portland Is a Green City

With beautiful mountains surrounding the city, Portland is not only green in the literal sense, it is also green in the environmental sense. In Portland, you’ll see a lot of people riding their bikes or taking public transportation to and from work. And energy conservation, recycling, and composting are major topics of conversation among most of Portland’s residents. Portland is a city that constantly strives to reduce its carbon footprint, and it prides itself on leading the green movement.

It Rains a Lot

Oregon is recognized for its substantial rainfall, and its reputation is well deserved because it does rain a lot here. But when it’s not raining, you can expect some of the most beautiful days you will ever see. And because the sun doesn’t shine as often here as it does elsewhere, the times when it does shine causes everyone to feel connected and in good spirits.

Coffee, Beer, and Wine Are in Ready Supply

Portland is synonymous with coffee shops. It might be cliché, but it’s true – the city has an incredible number of boutique and artisan coffee shops, each one serving up cups of fresh roasted goodness by the bucket load.

Portland is also home to one of the country’s largest microbrewery scenes… pretty much anywhere. The city has a wide variety of craft beer producers with most breweries offering samples and tours. And, despite being mainly a beer town, Portland’s wine scene has grown in leaps and bounds in recent years.

So, whether you’re a coffee addict, a beer enthusiast, or a lover of fine wines, you’ll find your favorite beverage is in ample supply here in Portland.

Portland Is the City of Roses

The tradition of filling Portland with roses dates back to the 19th century, and it is such a part of Portland’s heritage that the city is often called the “City of Roses.” The fact that Portland hosts the annual Portland Rose Festival and that it is home to the International Rose Test Garden aren’t mere coincidences.

So, do you think you have what it takes to live your best life in Portland, Oregon? If you’re artistic at heart and you love strong coffee, good beer and wine, composting your waste, eclectic cuisine, comfy clothing, and you aren’t afraid of a few rainy days, then you’ll love Portland and Portland will be glad to have you. Just make sure you read our handy guide to assimilating to Portland culture first!