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Why We Love Living in Portland in February


February Is Here! What New Adventures Await?

January in the Rose City brought record levels of snow and ice to the Portland metro, keeping many of us confined to our homes and neighborhoods. While it’s tempting to want to spend another month hibernating indoors, February encourages Portlanders to embrace winter’s chill.

From international film festivals to outdoor light installations to zany winter bike rides, the month of February continues to remind us why we love living in Portland.

Gearing Up for February Weather in PDX

After surviving a chilly January, Portland residents can begin to relax as the days steadily begin to warm throughout the month of February. Portland averages a daily high between 49 and 54 degrees Fahrenheit, and minimum temperatures that fall between 34 and 39 °F. No, these temperatures aren’t exactly shorts and sandals weather, but Portland plans accordingly by offering its residents plenty of indoor activities to find respite from February chill.

Our favorite indoor February activity in Portland has to be the Portland International Film Festival. This year, the Northwest Film Festival is celebrating its 40th anniversary. From February 9th-25th, you can expect to find everything from genre-bending films that push cinematic boundaries, to short cuts featuring snapshots from both here in Oregon and locations around the world. So head to your Portland independent cinema of choice, and stay warm as you escape Portland’s February weather indoors.

The Best of Portland’s February Events

Portlanders, being the quirky and ambitious souls that they are, tend to weather February’s chill and embrace the winter season. While it might seem counterintuitive to head outdoors in February weather, living in Portland in February encourages adventure, spontaneity, and a healthy dose of curiosity.

From February 1-4, find yourself at the intersection of science and art at the Portland Winter Light Festival 2017. The all-ages festival is free of charge, and it takes place regardless of rain, shine, hail, or any other inclement weather.

Participants can set up along the east bank esplanade, as the outdoor celebration quite literally illuminates Portland’s waterfront through experimental light-based art installations and interactive performance. In the words of the Willamette Light Brigade, “this nighttime community-supported event generates critical opportunities for artists, designers, creatives, makers and performers to collectively expand art, performance, and technology innovations in our region.”

On February 12th, take part in one of Portland’s zany winter traditions: Worst Day of the Year Ride. An iconic winter bike ride, the Worst Day of the Year ride is an opportunity to join thousands of fun-loving cyclists as they ride through the city donning costumes and waving flags. Set your wheels in motion and commit to a cold weather ride, and trust you’ll be in good company.

Keeping with last month’s trends, it wouldn’t be a winter month in Portland without a brew-themed event to attend! February brings Black Out Beer Fest, an all-day festival that features 25 rotating dark beers. This year, make your way to N Williams on February 25th to enjoy porters, coffee beers, milk stouts and black IPAs from over 20 Northwest breweries.

Wherever you end up in Portland this February, take a minute to celebrate the local flavor this city holds. Even in winter, Portland is a city you won’t want to leave!