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Urban Nest Design Tip of the Week: Still Looking For the Perfect Sofa? We Found It.


Affordable Flat-Rate Shipping and Plenty of Style from Article Sofas

In this series, we share simple DIY solutions for maximum design impact, brought to you by our very own Agent Andy Barlow.

A couple weeks back we posted a design tip on sofas, what was on sale, and what my favorite ones were. I also mentioned in that post that I was shopping for a new couch myself. Well, my new couch arrived this past week and I am so overjoyed with the entire experience that I had to share the entire story for this week’s design tip. 

After all the hunting, I actually found a brand that I didn’t even mention in that last post, called Article. I had seen some Article ads pop up on Instagram and decided to finally check them out. They are online only, so I was initially nervous about placing an order, but once I saw the Olive Green Chester sofa I was in love and was determined to find out more about it. 


I emailed Article asking more about the sofa, the assembly, and if they could send me a fabric swatch. Within just 3 hours I had a personal response back from Rosalind (a customer service rep) and was told the fabric swatch was on the way.  She explained how simple the assembly was, and told me a couple things about the feel of the couch, which was really helpful.  I was impressed. 

What impressed me next was that they had the sofa in stock and I was going to be able to receive it within just about a week. If you have been shopping for sofas you know this is usually not the case. Many take 8-12 weeks. Article also has super reasonable shipping costs. While most other retailers charge around $150-200 for shipping, Article’s base shipping was only $49. For this price they deliver the couch to your porch, but if you did want a more inclusive service you could get interior delivery for $99 or full unboxing and set up for $169. 

I received the fabric swatch a few days later and it was BEAUTIFUL.  I was ready to pull the trigger. I placed the order and quickly received my confirmation email telling me a range in dates that I would expect the sofa to arrive. I patiently started the waiting game. 

Four days after placing my order I got the email that the sofa had left the warehouse. A few days after that I got a text saying that the couch had arrived in Portland and to schedule a time for the delivery.  I followed the link in the text and was led to a site where I could choose a day. I made my selection and was told I would be contacted the day before with a time frame. 

The day before delivery I got the text that it would be delivered between 10:30am-12:30pm. I confirmed and anxiously made it through the rest of the day, both excited but nervous that maybe it wouldn’t look as good in person or would not be comfortable. I was hoping I wouldn’t have any buyer’s remorse. 

The next morning around 11:30am I got a phone call that they were 10 minutes away. Eeek! The time had arrived! The truck pulled up and one of the deliverymen came up to ask where I wanted the package. I told him anywhere on the front sidewalk was fine as I had a neighbor coming to help bring it in. He then asked if I’d like them to have it brought up onto my porch (which is about half a flight of stairs up). I told him that would be amazing but that I hadn’t paid for the more expensive service. He told me it wouldn’t be a problem and that it would make it easier for me. I gladly accepted. 


A few minutes later my neighbor/always helpful friend came over and we dragged the box inside. I opened it up and flipped it on its side and screwed the legs in. We then put it upright and unwrapped it. IT LOOKED AMAZING! The color was perfect, and fabric was soft and rich, and I could instantly tell that this was a quality sofa. We moved it into place and the room instantly felt complete, and perfect. 

A few days later, after some movie nights, entertaining friends, and a couple naps, I was completely in love. I could not imagine a more perfect sofa. It’s stylish, comfortable, and sturdy. It’s the perfect length to stretch out for a nap, and since the seat is only one cushion you have no fears of losing something in the crack or falling into the crease yourself.  And, as soon as anyone walks through the door they are stopped in their tracks by its beauty. 

Long story short: do yourself a favor and check out Article. If you’re still hesitant, just give me call and I’ll let you come check out mine.