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Monthly Picks | August 2016

August 12th-14th, 11:00 AM-10:00 PM | Tom McCall Waterfront Park
The Bite of Oregon is a celebration of our state’s culinary bounty and a fundraiser for Special Olympics Oregon. The three-day event features an abundance of mouthwatering menu items from some of Oregon’s finest restaurants, food carts, dessert purveyors, wineries, craft breweries, and distilleries. Whether it’s sampling a multitude of small plates or enjoying a meal sized portion, the choices are varied, delicious and plentiful. 

August 13th, 11:00 AM-6:00 PM | NE Alberta Street
The annual Alberta Street fair is one of Portland’s most beloved neighborhood street festivals, offering an eclectic mix of activities and events that showcase the best of the Alberta Street Community. Enjoy entertainment and music on three stages and check out the wonderful local artists, products, crafts, and foods that can only be found on Alberta Street. 

August 20th, 10:00 AM | Mt. Tabor Park
Every year since 1997, Portland’s finest have pulled their home built creations to the top of Mount Tabor and let gravity guide them to the bottom of the hill. Now in its 19th year, the derby continues this beloved summertime tradition. Watch the 40+ coaster cars race, powered only by gravity, whimsy, and attitude. At the end of the day winners receive awards for speed, engineering, art, crowd pleasure and more. 

August 26th, 5:00 PM | EastBurn
As part of a month long fundraiser for the Call to Safety, EastBurn is inviting 9 contestants for a friendly grilled cheese competition. The invitational will be laid out like a golf course throughout the pub, guests receive a score card to visit each competitor and rate their grilled cheese based on taste, originality, presentation and best overall. There will be plenty of grilled cheese for all and of course plenty of beer to wash it down.