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Agent Interviews: Daniel Blachowski With Home Buyers Karen & Ken

 Daniel Helps Karen & Ken Find Their Dream Home

Daniel Helps Karen & Ken Find Their Dream Home

Urban Nest Realty: Inspired by People

In this series of short articles, we ask our agents to talk about a recent event or client interaction that was particularly inspiring. Maybe the process went unusually smooth, maybe the obstacles to homeownership were significant or strange, maybe there was a teaching moment that's worth highlighting for future homeowners who can take away a great lesson from another's experience. In this series, our Realtors unpack one of the agency's most important mottos: Urban Nest is truly inspired by people -- here's what that looks like.

Karen and Ken: Initial Plans for Buying a Home in Portland

From Daniel: "I originally met Karen and Ken through a referral from another agent when Karen wanted to buy a condo for her son. We closed on that deal and stayed in touch; a little over a year later, she contacted me to find a home for her and her husband Ken. Their initial plan was to find a house and use it as a rental, and then to relocate in a couple of years. Karen had gone to college in Eugene and had roots here, and always planned to return. 

"Karen and Ken made several trips up to Portland from Oakland and we looked at 20-30 homes altogether. I listened a lot and learned their taste and preferences and would preview homes and send them video walk-throughs. A few months later, I identified one house in the Arnold Creek neighborhood in close-in southwest and they considered writing an offer.

 Urban Nest Realtor, Daniel Blachowski

Urban Nest Realtor, Daniel Blachowski

"One day, I went back to that house to get some measurements and additional video to send to them and on my way back to the office, I drove by a brand new listing a couple of blocks away in Marshall Park -- I called the owners and was able to get in to see it straightaway. I shot some extensive video of the property and called Karen and Ken immediately, told them they had to see this beautiful mid-century modern with a daylight basement on a park-like half-acre lot.

"They loved the video I shot and the home, and we agreed to write an offer, sight unseen. There were 4 offers total and with good communication to the listing agent, a stellar “love letter” from Karen, combined with a generous offer and terms that included 2 months free rent back, the sellers decided to take a chance with our offer and accepted it, understanding that my clients had not seen the property in person. 

"I encouraged them to fly up as soon as possible to see the house and to be there for the home inspection, unfortunately their schedules didn’t allow a trip before closing and they bought the house sight unseen.

"Of course, this was a very unusual scenario. I have sold homes where my clients wrote an offer without seeing the house in person, although they always attended the whole home inspection and saw the house before closing. We continued with regular communication and updates, and even when the transaction got a little hairy during the inspection period and repair addendum, we continued to bond and become closer. 

"Needless to say, there was some risk here. Eventually, I think a month after we closed and the seller still had possession because of the two months free rent back, Karen and Ken flew up to see the house for the first time. They were running a little late to meet me at the house and only then, while sitting and waiting with the seller, did it really hit me when he asked, 'What if they don’t like the house?'"

"I waited somewhat nervously with some bubbly and a closing gift… eventually they arrived and they loved the house. We spent a few hours touring the home and the lot, walking its trails and enjoying the privacy and landscape with the help of some sparkling red wine and champagne. 

"I believe that during the time we spent together in advance, listening intently with very open communication, we built trust and I had a very good idea of the home they would fall in love with. Because of the experience, we have become friends and speak regularly. Karen and Ken finally moved up here recently and sent me a text, saying how perfect the house is and how grateful they were for my help. That was most gratifying. They even wished me a Happy Father’s Day.

"I strive in my practice to really connect with my clients through listening, patience and kindness. While I do this everyday, home buying is a very stressful endeavor that most people only do a couple of times in their life, and it’s important to remember that. Interestingly, my wife Char and I are preparing our house for market and we will be going through the selling and buying process ourselves soon -- it’s an excellent reminder to be on the other side of the transaction, and I’m always learning, everyday."

 Would You Buy Your "Dream Home," Sight Unseen?

Would You Buy Your "Dream Home," Sight Unseen?

Karen and Ken Weigh in on the Experience

"Daniel is amazing! He truly listened to us, gaining meaningful insight into what is important to us. He has helped us to buy two properties; one an investment, the other our new home.

"We traveled from California and viewed a great number of potential homes with Daniel over 3 days, without finding the right fit. We returned to CA, deciding to plan another trip to view more properties. When Daniel emailed us a video he took, and his opinion that this one was the home we had been seeking, we immediately saw what he saw. With market conditions being what they are in Portland, we had to move quickly. That meant making the single largest purchase of our lives, sight unseen! What a crazy risk, right?

"But Daniel really listens, and really takes the time to get to know his clients. And we know that, and we trust him. Needless to say, it's been a fabulous success. We couldn't be happier with our home, and have no regrets.

"Aside from finding us our dream home and managing a very tough negotiation, Daniel was wonderful in helping sort out the myriad logistical details that an out of state purchase and move entail.

"Thank you Daniel from the bottom of our hearts. You are THE BEST!"

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Urban Nest: Inspired by People