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Community Business Spotlight: Altabira City Tavern

Chatting With Our Friends at Altabira City Tavern

In this series, Urban Nest sits down with local PDX business owners to talk shop about what makes their store or business fit so well with Portland. Learn about new neighborhoods, new businesses, PDX community and more!

Beer-Centric Tavern with An "Elevated" Menu 

As if having 16 local beers on tap and being located on a rooftop with stunning views of downtown Portland wasn't enough, restaurateur David Machado added an upscale menu of dishes that highlight the best of Portland-style cuisine to create Altabira City Tavern. This aerial Lloyd district destination is a catalyst for good times with friends and magical romantic evenings with significant others. We talk PDX with chef & owner David Machado:

UN: How long have you been in business?

Altabira City Tavern and Citizen Baker have been open for one and a half years now.

UN: What is unique about your business?

We are a locally owned and managed, family business that operates on a rather large scale. Located in the new Hotel Eastlund, we are responsible for operating a full service restaurant, a bakery cafe, hotel room service and private events and banquets. It takes a lot of expertise and experience to steer this large of an operation.

UN: For you, what is most important about the customer experience?

Recognition and authenticity. We try to treat everyone the same and make them feel like they belong. Even though we operate a rather large restaurant we believe in the neighborhood model that welcomes friends and neighbors on a daily business. We are all about repeat business and loyalty. We are not a trendy spot but rather we hope to be here for the long term. We believe strongly in quality and value. We buy the best products, treat them creatively and charge a fair menu price.

UN: How would you describe the community that surrounds your business?

The Lloyd district is a community with deep potential that is undergoing some of the most significant development in recent Portland history. Between the The Burnside Bridgehead, the Rose Quarter, The Convention Center and the Lloyd Center, the neighborhood has vast potential. Significant plans for new housing, office space, retail, hotels, parks, plazas, the Max Line, the street car and nightlife all point to an incredible future for this long neglected neighborhood.

UN: What do you think makes your business a great fit for Portland?

We developed the concept and menu to fit right into the future of the inner NE neighborhood. We realized that the Convention Center and the Moda Center would always generate significant numbers of potential diners in our current location. We designed the space to be casual, affordable and based on the food and beverages that Oregon is now nationally recognized for.




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Learn more about Altabira City Tavern on their website.