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Canine Office Culture: The Beauty of Dog-Friendly Workspaces

Employees who bring their pets to work with them have been shown to have significantly lower stress levels than those who leave their animal companions at home, according to a study from Virginia Commonwealth University. It's an understandable relief to not have to think about feeding or walking your pet on time when they're posted up right under your desk.

And it's not just pet owners that stand to gain from furry coworkers, another study shows that all employees of pet-friendly offices tend to be happier, friendlier, more creative, and cooperate better than employees of animal-free offices.

Urban Nest Realty is a dog-friendly office and we're all proud to be dog-friendly Realtors!

Our very own Tina Schafer's beloved pooch, Ally, (pictured above) is just one of many friendly faces you'll see at Urban Nest headquarters. 

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