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Where to Find the Best Portland Trivia Nights Around Town

The Best Places in Town to Get Your Quiz On

Bar trivia seems to be one of those trends that comes and goes about once every couple of decades. Since the last time Portland was gripped with quiz fever was somewhere around the late 90s and the early 2000s, it stands to reason that we’re about due for a resurgence of this fun, challenging team “sport.” (One can only play so much “adult” kickball after all.)

Quizzes, both independent and those sponsored by quiz companies, are available every night of the week somewhere in Portland and the surrounding area. Entry is usually free, the games are quite dependable in terms of the fun your team can have, and typically, prizes of some sort are available for the winners. Now get out there and get your quiz on, at any of the following nights around town.

The Big One(s) – Geeks Who Drink

Geeks Who Drink is a national organization that hosts weekly trivia nights in just about every city and good-sized town across the country. Portland is home to twenty-five individual Geeks Who Drink quizzes every week, with one open for competition every night of the week except Friday—and that doesn’t count all the quizzes held in Portland suburbs, and the city of Vancouver.

Geeks Who Drink also hosts special events, themed quizzes, and charity quiz events at various locations throughout Portland. Nearly every Geeks Who Drink quiz features prizes of some sort, ranging from bar gift certificates to bags of candy to cash. Quizzes are made up of eight rounds of eight questions each on subjects ranging from current events and pop music to history and random knowledge.

Independent Trivia Nights

Turn! Turn! Turn!

Trivia! Trivia! Trivia! is a free music-oriented quiz hosted every Tuesday night at 7:30 at Turn! Turn! Turn! on Killingsworth in North Portland. The event hosts promise amusement, information, befuddlement, and more for attendees.

OMSI - Theory

Educated Guess is OMSI's monthly pub trivia night, held the second Wednesday of every month in OMSI’s Theory dining space. The event coordinators promise that the quiz is not just about scientific topics, but that it brings in current events and popular culture as well.

Mississippi Pizza

Another North Portland weekly quiz, Quizissippi is held every Wednesday night from seven to nine at Mississippi Pizza on North Mississippi Avenue in North Portland.

Hollywood Theater    

On the last Monday of every month at 9:30pm, Hollywood Theater hosts The Movie Quiz, which is one of the only trivia nights in Portland not held in a bar (see Quizissippi above). The quiz features questions about soundtracks, actors, films, film studios, and the like. Intermissions feature sets from the comedian/hosts, and beer and pizza are available if you get hungry.

The Radio Room

Every second and last Tuesday night starting at eight, the Radio Room on Northeast Alberta Street hosts Trivia Thrilled The Radio Star, a pop-culture themed trivia contest. The quiz employs boatloads of audio and visual elements to keep contestants engaged and guessing at questions related to current events, books, movies, television, and music.

Portland Pub Trivia Is Worth Rotating Into Your Calendar

Bar trivia may not be your idea of a fun regular activity, but for some engaging fun to take part in every once in a while, it can compete with bowling, bingo, darts, pool, and any of the other quirky bar sports available around town. Get some friends together and pit your mutual intellect against all comers and all drinkers, one night soon!    




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