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Nesting Tips | August 2015

August Home Maintenance Tips

  • Take advantage of pure solar energy and install an outdoor clothesline. Just make sure they're acceptable in your community, so you don't end up like this lady in Bend. (Oh, Mr. Colbert, how we miss you so.)
  • Freshen up your bath and protect your home from moisture issues by checking and repairing grout in bathrooms. This tutorial shows how easy it is. Make all your tile look its very best with these green cleaning tips.
  • The long daylight hours and dry weather make this a great time to check and repair window sealant. This how-to tells you how to spot damage, possible causes, how to fix it yourself, and when to bring in a professional. 

August Garden Maintenance Tips

(These tips are not all-inclusive, but provide basic ways to preserve the health and value of your home for many years to come. We're open to your feedback and suggestions, and hope that you find these home maintenance tips as useful as we do!)