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The Pizza Clause

Copyright Kirsten Ulve

Kirsten Ulve--friend to Urban Nest Operations Manager, Catt, and Super Talented Design Artist who illustrates for the prestigious publication, The New Yorker, among many other international clients--was kind enough to let us share a recent illustration she created that depicts the housing boom in Northern Texas. But it could represent our current market in Portland, just as well. 

We think Kirsten's bright, playful illustration does a good job of bringing a little humor to the frenzy many are feeling in the midst of Portland's growing pains and housing crisis (officially declared as such by Mayor Hales).   

As they say, creativity is born of limitation, and Buyers are getting very creative these days. From thoughtful personal letters to the Seller to financial incentives, from generous rent backs to home-baked treats, the creative Buyer finds a way to stand out from the crowd and get noticed. Our personal favorite? A recent accepted offer (listed with one of our very own Agents) included a free pizza every month for LIFE! What are some fun, or crazy, tactics you've heard of Buyers using to stay extra competitive in this searing hot market?