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A Success Story for the Self-Employed in Portland

Photo Credit: Carrie Richardson, Home Team Realty, LLC 2014

Erin and Tom called Urban Nest broker, Liz Getty right around Christmas - after some initial bad news from a lender their friends had recommended, Liz put them in touch with David Bunker and he was able to help them get pre-approved for a loan in just a few months! During this time, Liz worked diligently with her clients watching inventory and tracking listings and sales preparing for a multiple offer situation.

Erin, Tom and Liz wrote an offer on a house and lost to an all cash offer, as is all too common in todays market. In the meantime, a house around the corner from Tom and Erin's best friends popped up on the market - and of course, they quickly wrote an offer. This time they not only beat out the cash offer, but Liz was even able to negotiate $16k in repairs or credits! Way to go Liz and congratulations to Tom & Erin!

Here is what they had to share about their experience working with Liz and David Bunker:

"Liz was wonderful to work with. The office was very convenient. It also ended up being super helpful to be able to work with David Bunker with Directors Mortgage, their in-house preferred mortgage specialist. 

Because we are self-employed, our financing is a bit trickier and we weren't sure if buying would be in the cards this year. David worked really hard to get the documentation in place and to get us the house we wanted."

 ~ Erin. O, Alberta Arts/ Concordia Neighborhoods