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Nesting Tips | December 2014

We know it's difficult to keep up with home maintenance, especially with how busy our lives can get. Urban Nest wants to help make life a little simpler - by providing easy-to-execute tips for around the house and garden for each month of the year. These tips are not all-inclusive, but provide basic ways to preserve the health and value of your home for many years to come. We're open to your feedback and suggestions, and hope that you find these home maintenance tips as useful as we do!

December Home Maintenance Tips

  • Check expiration dates on emergency kits, and replace items if necessary.
  • Unpack and test all electrical holiday decorations.
  • Clear fall leaves from your gutters to prevent rain water overflow from potential damage to your home

December Garden Maintenance Tips

  • Put your garden "to bed" by adding a fresh layer of mulch. Just 2-3 inches will help keep your perennials warm through the winter.
  • As long as there's no frost, all tree varieties can be pruned, and bulbs planted for perfect Spring blooms.
  • Dispose of any remaining fruits or nuts on trees & on the ground - this will reduce pests & diseases for the following year!