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A Low Impact Woodland Dream Home


I stumbled upon this website a few years back when I was daydreaming of buying a plot of land and building a cob house with my own two hands! While it may be a pipe dream for me, it is a reality for some.

This particular dream home was built by a family in Wales in just under 4 months time! To quote the builder:

“Take one baby, a toddler and a building site. Mix well with a generous helping of mud, combine with 6 weeks of solid welsh rain whilst living under canvas. Do this in candle light without a bathroom or electricity for three months. Chuck in living with your father for a good measure. Top with an assortment of large slugs. The result, a hand crafted home of beauty, warmth and health for about 3,000 U.K. pounds” (about $4,8600 USD).


Here at Urban Nest Realty, we love hearing peoples stories and seeing them make their dream home a reality! See more pictures and a step-by-step on how they built the house here.