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And A Good Time Was Had By All!


The Urban Nest Grand Opening Party was a raging success.  With 100+ people through our door from 1 – 4 pm on Sunday afternoon, we were greeted with very positive feedback about the space, our decor, our wonderful logo and just congratulations all around for being bold entrepreneurs during a time in economic history where many people prefer to hide their heads in the sand.

We are taking a risk, but one based on 12 years of building a wonderful community of clients and friends who continue to send us referrals and return to work with us time and time again.  We also had some folks from the neighborhood stop in to say hello.  It was great mixing new faces with old as we continue to add more urbanites to our Nest.

The food was fabulous and made with love by Holly and Ms. Keven Van Zoen (our new office manager extraordinaire!).  Special treats were stuffed endive, bacon-wrapped dates, meats, cheeses, smoked salmon appetizers and an olive platter.  Desserts were ordered from Roseanne the baker/owner at Pambiche and they were a gigantic hit.  Sweet standouts included a Tres Leche Cake, Domino Small Chocolate Cakes, Cake Allemain (basically a snickers bar in cake form), carrot cake cupcakes and mini pineapple upside down cakes. We got our wine from Vino Wine Shop right down the street and my faithful husband brought two mini-kegs (only available from the Safeway in St. Johns but a true party hit every time) of Newcastle Nut Brown Ale to top things off.

And now, drumroll please, let me introduce to you the winners of our give-away gift certificate raffle:

  • Laurelhurst Theater (2 $10 gift certificates which each include two tickets to a movie plus a soda and popcorn!)
    Joy Engleman
    Kelly Anderton


  • Crema Bakery  (2 $10 gift certificates)
    Andrea Hollander Budy
    Judy Feistal



  • Alma Chocolate (2 $20 gift certificates)
    Sue Fry
    Kristy Pearson-Denning




  • Pambiche ($25 gift certificate)
    Steve Murcott




  • Navarre ($50 gift certificate)
    Sonia Montalbano


Congratulations to the winners and a most sincere Thank You to everyone for your encouragement and support of Urban Nest Realty!