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Give Your Home An Early Christmas Present!


As a home owner, most of us will be faced with (or are currently facing!) the problems that come with an older or aging hot water heater. It’s not sexy like a sub-zero freezer or fun like picking new counters for the kitchen, but hot water heaters are the big old work horses of the plumbing system.

When a water heater starts to age, water temperature can go down or become inconsistent. Leaking may occur and that giant white canister in your basement may just decide to up and quit working – usually on the coldest day of the year. They don’t last forever and can be expensive to replace. That’s why Urban Nesters are excited to have just learned about the AirGenerate Heat Pump, a great new technology in heating water for your home.


If you purchase an AirGenerate AT166 hybrid heat pump water heater from Fast Water Heater between now and December 31st you may be eligible for an amazing rebate program. We’re talking about $1,900 off your costs!

The AirGenerate uses up to 50% less energy to heat water compared to standard electric water heaters, thanks to next-generation heat pump technology. That’s estimated to save between $250 – $400 a year in electric bills!

It is priced at $2,599 (normally $3,000) which includes installation and recyling of your old tank. Rebates for buying the pump include a $1,000 Smart Water Heat rebate from the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance,
a $500 Energy Trust of Oregon cash incentive and a $400 from the Oregon Energy Tax Credit. This is a savings of $1,900, bringing the final price to $699 including installation. With the savings in your electric bill, that will pay for itself in 2 or 3 years.

Learn more at or order today from Fast Water Heater at 866.574.2963