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Kelley grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has lived in Portland since 2000. She loves everything about Portland's diverse neighborhoods and has spent a lot of time sleuthing every corner of the Eastside.  When she was growing up, she watched her parents buy and sell almost 20 homes, so she has a lot of experience under her belt!  She really likes helping people find their place in Portland and has a heavy-duty affection for residential architecture of all kinds.

Her ideal Portland adventure: Kelley lives in NE Portland, so her ideal day would start with her family taking a trip to Pip’s Original for maple bacon doughnuts and a Ginger Rodgers Chai. From there they’d head to Fernhill Park to watch her daughter play soccer. After that she might head to Hollywood to the Portland Farmer’s Market or to La Bonita on Alberta for lunch (food seems to be a theme here). She loves an estate sale and when not in houses for real estate purposes, she can sometimes be found in the basements of old Portland homes digging through old records and postcards.

Her superpower: She listens and asks questions, which may not seem like a superpower, but she feels like it is. And if she doesn't have the answer to a question, she finds it. She’s also a clear communicator and works hard to ensure the best outcome for all parties in every situation.

Superpower she wishes she had: Invisibility, for sure.

Favorite moment/s in real estate: She’s had a few, but some of her favorite moments have been helping connect families, particularly grandparents relocating to Portland to be closer to their children and grandchildren. She loves the feeling of making dreams come true!

Favorite Portland neighborhood, and why? Roseway is her favorite neighborhood in Portland. She’s lived there for 14 years and loves it! Where else can you get lost on an urban trail, see a movie, eat Vietnamese food and drink a milkshake at an old-timey drugstore all in one day?

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