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We love Portland and we’re savvy to all things home-related— from green construction to vintage homes to trends in international markets. We offer wisdom for prepping a house to sell, or finding that perfect place to live. 



November 2nd-30th
Lan Su Chinese Garden

The Chinese have long been masters at chrysanthemum cultivation; they developed more than 20 cultivars by the 10th century and 2,000 by the early 19th. Lan Su Chinese Garden will display more than 750 potted chrysanthemums to celebrate this beloved flower during the month of November.

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Agent Spotlight

Munir Henry

Munir believes that being Realtor is about much more than houses. It’s about the people. She has built her business by creating meaningful and lasting relationships. This genuine connection with her clients allows her to be a better advocate and to find creative solutions to any problems that might arise. From the initial meeting all the way to closing day, she stands by her clients and acts as friend, advisor, negotiator, and cheerleader. For Munir, her client’s happiness is her success.

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